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We were very fortunate to work with Trent on our daughter’s situation concerning a ticket she received and false statements made by the prosecutor. Trent was extremely diligent in the writing briefs that explained where the prosecution was wrong in their actions. Due to his expertise, the matter was resolved and our daughter was awarded her license back from the state. Thank you, Trent! Mike R.
Earlier this year, I was issued a ticket that resulted in my license being restricted. During the process, I had been falsely informed that the ticket was not going to cause me to lose my license, and Trent did an amazing job in continually working to get my license back no matter how unlikely it seemed. In the end, I did get my license reinstated and the points dropped on the ticket. I am eternally gratefully for all of his hard work. He is not only an amazing lawyer but a kind-hearted person as well. Sara R.
Trent helped me win two cases. The first was an illegal search of my truck. Trent showed the court that the police officer overstepped his authority and the court agreed. The case was dismissed. The second case was a DUID case. I thought that I was going to be found guilty, but at trial, Trent expertly cross examined the police witnesses and convinced the jury that I was not under the influence of drugs. If not for Trent, I would have lost my commercial drivers license. James W.